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- Vouchers -
sacchito - mumu icon
Jemstonejem - experimental icon

- Commission Status -

To be opened in March [Spring Vacation]
Important dates:
Mar 12 - 23
Feb 16th

- Signal Boosting -
Scamming Artist [Please share this around]**Update 2017-8-30**
added more people to the "Scammed" list
**Update 2017-8-19 part 2**
Airienne commissioned Fasaerix via paypal, except she managed to do it via Goods & Services. She recently opened a dispute to get her money back, but Fasaerix sent her this email (name blocked out)

The email was sent from, which is the email that Fasaerix had given her.
Another deviant told me that Fasaerix/Tahmuz were known to come up with any excuse to get out of trouble. Whether that is true or not, I'll never know, but with the things that happened I'd say that its pretty accurate.
**Update 2017-8-19**
SerahRose is very generously offering a fantastic deal on their commissions to those who were scammed by Tahmuz/Fasaerix! If your name is on the list of people scammed, then please go check out the benefits you can receive!
If you w
How to be a Great Commissioner [Full Ver]Ahem.
A bunch of people started asking for this guide after the whole Tahmuz/Fasaerix thingy so here we go
***TL;DR version will be coming out soon***

Before Commissioning
Say you found an artist you want to commission.
If they already have a super duper clean track record of finishing commissions, then go ahead bud. You should be safe. If they're a newer account or not as well known, it doesn't hurt to do research. 
Some things to look out for:
Do they have a To Do list? How often is it updated? Is it publically advertised on their profile? Do you have easy access to it?How long is their To Do list? The list should give you enough info to estimate how long your commission will takeDo they have a detailed and filled out Terms and Agreements or TOS? This can help preven
How to be a Great Commissioned Artist [Full ver]Goes along with the How to be a Great Commissioner journal
***There will be no TL;DR version for this***

uh ok where do I start.
everything that's been mentioned in this journal is PURELY for GUIDANCE.
Everyone does things differently and that's perfectly fine!
Also, share this around if ya want! I really dont care!
Setting Up Commissions
Are you new to commissions? Need some advice on setting them up? Well, here ya go.
Here's sort of a checklist/table of contents. Ill go over them in detail further down this journal, so just skip to that section if you dont wanna read this whole whopping essay.
Commission prices. How to determine pricesTOS or Terms and Agreements. Protects your rights as an artist.A to do list. Very important.Time and time

- to do list -


   - To Complete -
   yukibuns | Ayase OTA payment [sketching]

   TheStevieBoy | couple halfbody (batim pose #2) [lining]
   BlueSketchingWalrus | strawberry-kun AT [not started]
   JordanDonges | Raffle Prize [Miz]
   BlueSketchingWalrus | Raffle Prize [Theo-Vance]
   BlueSketchingWalrus | gift bc ESPEN [silas-reeves][painting]
   TheStevieBoy |BloomPuffs Crossbreed MYO x 1
   TheStevieBoy |BloomPuffs MYO x 1 [all traits] [sketching]
   SushimiTsukimi | F paperwhite BloomPuff Mascot [sketching]
   SushimiTsukimi | blackhole VaniWisp [not started]
   TheStevieBoy | jERECENT gift [lining]
   FMN MYO Black or White wings [not started]
   colour that halloween raffle adopt you won [not started]
   TheStevieBoy |Vaniwisp MYO [legendary + 1 mystic] [sketching]
   TheStevieBoy |Vaniwisp MYO x5 [idk how to count also traITS]
   Haru-cchi |Lemure MYO X2 [all traits] [not started]
   TheStevieBoy | BloomPuff MYO x2 [not started]

   - Personal -

   Ref pages for OCs
   Make pixel bases
   Art styles challenge
   Develop new style???
   Chel hanbok

   - Waiting On -
   BlueSketchingWalrus | Ritsu AT
   Haru-cchi| Orion icon
   Haru-cchi| Liron icon
   Haru-cchi| Espen(?)**OC of her choice icon
   Haru-cchi| Ritsu pagedoll
   SayuriSakurai| Mira icon
   LumiereLight | Mira halfbody
   Tahmuz | Kiryuan bust
   Porsheee | Nozomi Kiriban

- credits -


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